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Our Club

  St. Peters Squares was started in 1962 when caller Jim Hendrickson agreed to teach a class if there were enough students interested in learning. With everyone's efforts, a class was organized and the club began.

  Our first officers were elected in 1964. These were: Ollie & Helen Illy as Presidents, Chuck & Dotty Hiatt as Secretaries and Bob & Marlene Bohrer as Treasurers. The following year we started a new class, with Fred Bann as  the instructor and Jim Hendrickson as our club caller.

St. Peters Squarse club outfit

Some of our members wearing our Club outfit.

Square Dancer's Pledge

 With all my heart I will do my best to keep Square Dancing the enjoyable, friendly and inspiring activity I know it to be.

This I pledge in the sincere desire that it may grow naturally and unexploited in the coming years, and be available to all

who seek the opportunity for friendship, fun and harmony through Square Dancing.


St. Peters Squares club banner

Club Officers


John & Jamie Bruen

Vice Presidents

Mike & Karen Manley


Leroy & Emily Lucas


Tammy Boehmer

Raid & Retrieve Chairs

Bob Futhey

Linda Schroeter