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Square Dancing

 Square Dancing is a fast-paced, lively type of folk dance. It is a fun form of dance, involving social interaction between the dancers.

Square Dance is characterized by four couples, or eight people. The dancers are arranged in the shape of a square, with each couple forming one of the sides. Each dance is started and finished in the original square formation. During the dance, the couples move around and trade partners throughout the patterns.

The dance is led by a caller, who guides the dancers in a sequence of steps in time to the music. The caller announces the next movements as the couples are dancing. 


Square Dancing is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. Each dance burns 800-900 calories per half hour of dancing, which is equal to taking a 4-mile hike.

Square Dancing is easy to learn. You don't need to have any dance experience. There is a saying among dancers, "If you can walk, you can Square  Dance." It may look complicated to an observer, but the dance is made up of several simple moves called in a sequence.

Square Dancers are friendly and you will make many new friends as you meet and interact with other dancers. You do not need to have a partner in order to dance. Many dancers come without partners and there are always plenty of partners available. If you come to lessons without a partner, there are always "angels," experienced dancers who will partner with the students and help in the squares.